Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Naked2 urban decay basics review

I have never used Urban Decay makeup before, so thought this palatte would be a good place to start. I was aware how Naked made good eyeshadows as their original Naked palette has been number 1 on the beauty products for years. This is probably why they released Naked2, which I am reviewing. I bought it for the price of £23.00 from Debenhams. You could see this as quite expensive compared to rimmel makeup which you can just buy in any drugstore, however, I find you get what you pay for, and usually by the end of the day the eye shadow is nowhere to be seen. 

I thought the colours were all basic must need colours for casual day to day use, whilst not being too bold, as i don't wear a huge amount of makeup and always like to keep to using natural colours. The colour skimp especially drew me to buy this palate as it is brilliant for adding highlight to the cheek bone, I also highlight my nose.  However, I must admit that i didn't like the blending of the eyeshadows as much as other makeup brands such as Mac.

Overall I would score Naked2 8/10. Its lovely shades are perfect for everyday and I like how you can use it for contouring as well as eye shadow. It's well worth the price, and a must for your makeup bag!

Let me know if you think i should buy the Naked original or Naked3 too? Or whether you have a favourite eyeshadow which I should try?

Iz xo

Monday, 23 March 2015

A little bit about me.

I realised, I have been rambling on, and you have no idea about me. So to begin with, here are 10 totally random facts about me.

1) I am a huge fan of anything theatrical. Billy Elliot and Lion King are my favourite productions I've ever seen.
2) I have a Peugeot 206 silver car called Minnie.
3) Chocolate is my weakness.
4) I am English and hate tea!
5) I. Love. Cats.
6) I can't walk on drains..
7) My family are the most important people in my life and always will be.
8) I dream of travelling to the USA, Asia and Australia.
9) I am the fussiest eater. I don't like any food from the sea (apart from tuna sandwiches).
10) I am shy in person, but not in personality. I always felt this was bad, but i now appreciate its the way i was born, so embrace it!

Quick Fire Questions
Celebrity crush: Leonardo Di'caprio
Movies or Tv: Movies
Fav Season: Spring
Coke or Pepsi: Coke
Guilty Pleasure: 90s music
3 Fears: failure, loneliness, roller-coasters

A few pictures that make me smile:

My brothers and I at christmas 14'

My Boyfriend and I in Paris just before Christmas Day 14'

Who knows when this was taken.. A uni picture in 2nd year. Me and some of my housemates <3


Appreciate yourself

I've recently read about how we are constantly being judged and labelled by everyone around us, and how this effects our self-esteem or worth. 
When I was 8 years old, I had severe glandular fever. This knocked me back a lot in my education as I missed nearly a year of school. Since then I labelled myself as not being an academic person. I didn't do well in SATs, my GCSEs were okay ish and my a levels were horrific. That lead me on to doing a course in early childhood development which I loved. I don't know whether I started getting better grades because I had eliminated the fact I wasn't academic or the fact I was enjoying what I was learning about. 

This taught me that no matter what, you should never label anyone or yourself most importantly. It only limits the endless opportunities you have to personally develop and improve on any weaknesses. 

After this course, I began my degree in early childhood studies at university. This once again proved to myself that I can achieve anything if I work hard enough for it. Having said that I think that saying can put a lot of unwanted pressure on a person. Sometimes we just got to accept we aren't going to become the best doctors in the country or become a brilliant professor of physics. We know ourselves better than anyone else what we are capable of, so trust your instincts and know if you've tried your best - that's more than good enough! 

At 8, I labelled myself dumb and failed all my tests, now at 20 I'm in the process of completing a bachelor honours degree. Believe in yourself **

Please comment and let me know what you think? Did you ever have and illness which effected your self-esteem?

Sunday, 22 March 2015


I just signed up to Bloglovin, so would love it if you could be my first follower!! I'm feeling like a very lonely blogger and would love to interact with some of you readers and view your blogs too!

Here's the link below:

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Many Thanks, happy blogging :)
Iz xo

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

University Stress

It's coming to the end of term now, which only means the due dates are piling up. 
I can't believe how quickly second year has gone, I’ve had some really interesting assignments and enjoyed most of my work. Luckily for me, I have no exams this year only coursework. However, I have 3 important presentations and debates coming up next month, which sends shivers down my spine. I hate public speaking, any speaking where I'm put on the spot, I crack under the pressure. Therefore, I'm going to write some tips I will use to support myself (and hopefully you too), if you worry about presentations. 

   Speak clearly, smile and relax.
   Have a clear structure and consider the context of the presentation e.g. who's the audience
   Visual aids - using videos or charts can emphasis your point, but don't rely on them.
   Experience - with my course (BA Early Childhood) it’s always useful to share experiences in settings. It shows examples of your point, so your lecturer knows you know your stuff!
   Involve/ interact with the audience - ask for their point of view or ask questions. This way they won't start sleeping.

**Remember: It’s normal to feel nervous, students that are not nervous usually don't do well!

Hope this helps you!
Iz xo
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