Tuesday, 17 March 2015

University Stress

It's coming to the end of term now, which only means the due dates are piling up. 
I can't believe how quickly second year has gone, I’ve had some really interesting assignments and enjoyed most of my work. Luckily for me, I have no exams this year only coursework. However, I have 3 important presentations and debates coming up next month, which sends shivers down my spine. I hate public speaking, any speaking where I'm put on the spot, I crack under the pressure. Therefore, I'm going to write some tips I will use to support myself (and hopefully you too), if you worry about presentations. 

   Speak clearly, smile and relax.
   Have a clear structure and consider the context of the presentation e.g. who's the audience
   Visual aids - using videos or charts can emphasis your point, but don't rely on them.
   Experience - with my course (BA Early Childhood) it’s always useful to share experiences in settings. It shows examples of your point, so your lecturer knows you know your stuff!
   Involve/ interact with the audience - ask for their point of view or ask questions. This way they won't start sleeping.

**Remember: It’s normal to feel nervous, students that are not nervous usually don't do well!

Hope this helps you!
Iz xo

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