Thursday, 2 April 2015

21st Birthday celebrations!

Twenty-One. I’m not sure how I feel about this. I know I’m still awfully young, with the world at my fingertips. But seriously, I can’t actually be twenty-one. It only feels yesterday that me and my childhood friend Freya would be dancing through the fields behind our house - creating beautiful adventures that last a life time through memories.
WickedMy birthday celebrations all began with Wicked. A good place to start.  I came home from Portsmouth especially to watch wicked at the theatre in Bristol with my parents. I had heard a lot of friends raving about how amazing it was, so had quite high expectations. I knew a couple of songs previous to watching wicked, ‘defying gravity’ and ‘so good’. I loved those songs and have had them on my ipod for years, yet I’d never looked into what wicked was about. So when I took my seats at the theatre with my essential tub of strawberry ice cream, I had no idea what awaited me. The curtains opened and the music began. Shivers always run down my spine when listening to a live orchestra. It’s definitely one of my favourite parts of watching a show. The show was brilliant. So much better than I had hoped it would ever be. I would certainly recommend ‘wicked’ as it truly lived up to its name. The actresses, dancers, singers, musicians, choreographers, stage designers (could go on forever) were all amazing. Wicked was an incredible start to my birthday celebrations and I felt incredibly lucky to have seen it.
Night outI wasn’t sure about what to do in terms of partying for my birthday. To be honest, I am not hugely into partying. I like going out and having a drink, don’t get me wrong. But organizing something myself and being center of attention. I cant stand it. I was very abrahensive about this, but my boyfriend encouraged me to organise to go out with my friends.  I was lucky enough to have a friend from home come to celebrate it with me, and I have another friend from home that also attends my university. I invited all my house mates, and a few girls on my course. Most people turned up but as this night out was the last of the term, a lot of people were either too hungover to come, or had ran out of money. My house mate was also abroad which was unfortunate, he was missed! Anyway, we all had a great night out even though I did end up going home rather early with dizziness….Saturday 28th MarchOn Saturday I went back home and was surprised with 21st banners and balloons scattered around the house. Was so lovely to see all the thought and time my parents had put into making home look so nice. My brothers both came home that day so was really nice to see them, as I hadn’t seen them both since Christmas.  In the evening I knew I was going out for a meal with all my family, but it was a surprise to where. We all got dressed up in our best and set off in the car, with my boyfriend given an important job in carrying the cake! I was guessing the whole journey, until we stopped in a car park in Bristol, and made the rest of the way by foot. We eventually arrived at a restaurant called brassiere Blanc ( a very posh restaurant by a celeb chef). I couldn’t believe my parents had booked such an expensive restaurant for me! All my extended family arrived one by one, I really was so happy that they all took the effort to travel miles to celebrate with me. For starter I had a cheese soufflĂ©, main I enjoyed an amazing breast of duck, and for pudding I had sorbet (as I was so stuffed). To my embarrassment my family suddenly started singing happy birthday to me, and I was given the most BEAUTIFUL cake! Felt like I was getting married, not turning twenty one!!

Sunday 19th MarchFinally, it’s my birthday! I wake up early, and run down to pen my presents like a child.  The sun is beaming through conservatory and into the dinning room for the first time in weeks, and the sky is as clear as the Mediterranean. I open my presents in the morning, and then the rest of my family come over for a slice of cake (again). My wonderful parents get me a beautiful Micheal Kors Bag and my boyfriend got me a gorgeous Tiffanys&Co necklace. I am so grateful, so if you’re reading – thank you.
I am then given ANOTHER surprise; I’m off to Harry Potter Studios. Couldn’t be more excited. Harry Potter studios were amazing! They really were. The photos don’t lie. The tour began with a cinema viewing of the cast talking about filming and a few best bits of HP, the curtains then dropped, and the castle’s front doors were in front of our eyes. The tour guide called for anyone whos birthday it is to step forward, so reluctantly the introvert (me) went forward to the front of the group of about 60 people. I was then asked to push the front doors open, which to my amazement (and the 5 year old next to me) the grand hall of Hogwarts was in front of us. We stepped forward. We were walking around the actual set used for the filming and all the props were the exact ones used. It sounds very clichĂ©, but it really was a magical experience.
I want to thank everyone that made my birthday celebrations so special and memorable. It was a beautiful few weeks, and I know I will always remember my twenty first birthday.
Iz Xo


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