Friday, 10 April 2015

Spring/Summer Wish List

1) The Body Shop: All-in-one BB Cream
This is a product I’ve wanted for ages. I don’t wear much makeup and like the natural look best for myself, so I absolutely love wearing BB cream. The Body shop quote that this product will transform from a white cream to suit your skin tone. This is perfect for me, as my skin colour changes dramatically, especially around this time of year. I can go from a very pasty, unhealthy looking colour, to a golden brown within a day of sun. When I go on holiday I get locals speak to be in their language, thinking I’m Spanish for example, that’s how extreme my skin colour can change!

2) Mac: lip conditioner (tube)

This lip conditioner seems to have had so many good 5 star reviews. I think I have tried nearly every kind of lip conditioner on the market but this one, probably because the price is pretty hefty for a lip conditioner at £11.50. I do love The body Shops ‘born lippy’ lip balm, especially as they come in some deliciously fruity flavours. However, my lips are vile and it doesn’t seem to keep them from cracking. I can never wear lipstick because they dry up so quickly, so I’m hoping this Mac conditioner will be the answer to my prayers. This lip conditioner says it locks in moisture as it contains Almond Oil, Shea Butter, Avocado Extract, Wheat Germ Oil, Vitamins A and E. Hopefully this formulation will be just what I need to get my lips looking baby soft!

3) Topshop: Black Strappy Mesh Triangle Bikini Set
I may be getting a little ahead of myself here looking at summer bikinis, but I always find it so difficult to find a nice bikini. This one is a little revealing but I think it’s gorgeous! The straps criss-cross straps are not ideal for tan lines, but even so, it looks great and very sexy. Now, just to work on that summer body!

4) Topshop: Classic Fedora Hat
I’m not really a hat kind of girl. But recently they have really come into fashion, and I tried one on and thought it surprisingly looked quite nice on me. I’m so aware of having a little head; so don’t want to get a hat that’s too big, so when I saw this one in Topshop I thought... Perfect!

Let me know if theres anything you'd love this spring/summer? and have you tried any of the products i wish for?

Iz Xo

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