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Starting University/College

Starting University/College 
When I was beginning University there were so many fears than were running through my head. I thought, it might be helpful to share some advice with you, and hopefully ease the worry!
If you’re off to university this September, get prepared for the start to a new chapter of your life, that is only filled with fun, alcohol, a bit of drama and lots of laughter, (not to mention a wee bit of work!).

Home Sickness
I am from Bristol, and decided I was going to go to uni in Portsmouth - a good 3 hours drive from home. When you arrive at uni it’s ‘Freshers week’, this means a fun filled week of partying, meeting loads of new people (from your course and halls) and getting to know your lecturers. In Freshers week I hardly even thought of my parents (as much as I love them), but honestly so much is happening, it’s crazy, and may seem a little overwhelming. After a few weeks of getting use to living with new people and getting use to your new daily routine, I did start to miss them, but nothing a Skype or phone call can’t fix! Moving to Portsmouth seemed so far away at first, but now as a second year, it really isn’t that long on a train journey home, if there was an emergency I could be back in no time!

Making no friends
A friend of mine is beginning uni this year, and this is her biggest worry, as it was mine when I began. Okay, now seriously trust me… you will make friends... I promise! At university, you get every kind of person, there will be someone just like you, and there’s plenty of friends to choose from! You can join countless societies, which gives you more chance to meet new people if you don’t get on with your flatmates, or coursemates. I moved into a flat with 4 boys and 1 girl (to which the one girl was verrryyyy different to me, to say the least). At first I thought ‘oh my god’, I have no girl friends, to which I popped to the flat next door and met two other lovely ladies who became good friends of mine! You do need to make some effort to meet people and I’d advice you not to hide in your room. Just remember everyone is in the same boat... everyone is nervous!

Not being able to understand the work
I always thought I wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, but uni has told me different. I did very badly in school, and did a BTEC course, which often has connotations to failures. But I feel I definitely proved people wrong. I went to uni and my grades were okay, but in second year they have improved even more, and I’m now a very good 2.1. If I can get a 2.1, you guys definitely can. The lectures are so helpful and clever, their job is to inspire and teach, and so make sure you get the most from them. I also send countless emails to my tutor, so make sure you use the resources you can, and you will be just fine!

Okay, this one is a little bit sad and I’m probably on my own worrying about this. I do love a good party, and I drink alcohol and love going out and having fun..but I did worry that I wouldn’t want to go out much, and would want to focus on my work, as I always thought I had to work harder than everyone else to get good marks. This isn’t true. I went out a great amount, probably about 4 times a week on average, and loved it every time. We had such fun, and plus first year marks don’t count towards your overall uni grade, so make the most of being able to party and meet people. This was a totally stupid worry of mine, and I just laugh at it now!

 **just remember, everyone is in the same boat…Nerves are normal…and… Enjoy yourself!!

Good Luck xoxox
Are you off to uni this September? let me know if this advice is helpful?

Throwback to my first photo ever taken at university!

Iz Xo.

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