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The most beautiful village in France: A must visit

The most beautiful village in the world

This village has been ranked ‘the most beautiful village in France’ since 2003, and it certainly lived up to that title when I visited. As we arrived, the beautiful aray of colours were overpowering and ever so welcoming. Every building is filled with such colourful panels and surrounding every windowsill sits stunning flowers of every colour imaginable.

As we were driving into the Equisheim I noticed this towering, yet elegant bird soaring through the gorgeous blue sky. When I called my family to all look at it, not surprisingly it had vanished. To my amazement, as soon as we walked into the village another two flew by. We soon found that the village was filled with these birds (storks) everywhere! They nested on the corners of the houses and the village cathedral with their nests the size of a small bush. When we visited the gift shops we soon realised that this was a golden attraction; with toys, tea towels, and mugs all embossed with storks.

Equisheim is in France, but very close to the German border, which I believe explains the German feel of the architecture as well as German foods available in cafes as well as typical French food.

The nearest town to Eguisheim is ‘Colmar’, this has the same beautiful houses, but is bigger, and so have more restaurants, shops and attractions for tourists. With this of course come a lot more people, yet Eguisheim is fairly quiet, with just a handful of tourists. I would recommend visiting Equisheim and Colmar, as they are both as stunning as one another.

Just like the advert!

Stork nesting on the church


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