Sunday, 10 May 2015

5 Must Haves

 5 Must Haves 

1) Tony&Guy Prep: Heat protection mist
This product i only bought the other day, but have noticed a bit                                                                 difference in the static in my hair. I often blow dry my hair which can leave it lacking in shine and feeling a little static. This mist not only protects your hair from harsh heat, but also smells really nice too - which I think is always important!           

2) Vaseline: Cocoa radiant 
My skin is naturally very dry and i've used a few lotions to help with this but nothing seemed to help until i found this product. This lotion really keeps my skin glowing and feeling soft all year round. It is scented 'pure cocoa butter' which just smells incredible, and reminds me of the summer months.

3) Maybelline: Dream fresh BB cream
Everyone needs BB in their makeup bags, especially in spring/summer! This maybelline dream cream is an 8 in 1, which immediately makes me think the product results in 8 crappy components rather one amazing product. But no, all 8 benefits really do work wonders, I feel it gives me smoother skin, and a natural looking glow, as well as hydrates my skin and feels fresh on the face. I often wear only this cream with the contour kit, which I will chat about in 'must haves' 5.

4) Dolce&Gabbana: Dolce
YUMMY. All I can describe this perfume as is yummy. I bought it on holiday in Majorca, so when i wear it, it just reminds me of that. I am a sucker for perfume! I love to smell nice, its very important, as Chanel once said, "a women who doesn't wear perfume has no future" (not quite sure how true that is..)

5) Seventeen: define & Conquer contour kit
I have been searching for a good (reasonable priced) contour kit for ages, and I finally found it! I bought it in a fair shade, not knowing they also did medium, however, it still shows definition to my face. The bronzer is matte which I like, as I feel sometimes the highlighter and bronzer can all be a bit too much sparkle. It was so cheap, at around £5, so personally I think this is a great buy!

Do you have any favourite beauty products at the moment? I'd love to hear them!

Izzy x


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