Tuesday, 12 May 2015

A day out in Brighton

A day out in Brighton 

As it is coming to the end of term, my flatmates and I decided a trip to Brighton was in order in between our exams.

To be honest, I always thought Brighton was a bit of a tacky seaside town, but I was very wrong. Yes- it does have its tourist cheesy crap, but behind that are some very cute independent shops and lots of great places to eat.

So, we set off nice and early, and when we arrived headed straight for the beach and pier. Shame the sunny didn't say hello. Ben lives close to Brighton, so knows the place very well; hence why he took the role as our tour guide for the day!

We typically spent all our pennies on the pier and had a go on a few of the rides, reliving our youth. We then headed for a ‘cheeky nandos’, a classic favourite for our group. After lunch, we left time for a good shop! Stocking up on pick and mix, as well as being dragged into cigar (man) shops in exchange for the girls dragging the boys into a few cute shabby chic shops.

After wandering through the lanes, which are mostly all independent shops filled with boutiques, jewellers and sweet shops, we made our way towards the high street shops. Of course, I cant go anywhere without stopping in Topshop, so as always, I went in there and was overwhelemed with all the pretty summery clothes in store. I ended up only buying a button denim skirt, (hoping for some sunny weather to arrive soon!), although, I think this skirt could also be worn in winter with a pair of cozy tights.

In H&M I got these floral headbands which came in a set of both blue and red flowers. I think they are adorable, especially in summer, to make an outfit look just that little bit more cute and summery.

I fell in love in an independent shop called Sass & belle. It was filled with so much adorable bits and bobs; I could have bought every single item in that shop! In the end, I opted for a little decorative feature saying “follow your dream” as well as a little china jewellery dish with a blue bird. So cute.

I'd love to hear if you've ever been to Brighton? Is there anywhere you'd recommend visiting?
Izzy x


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