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The Best Rom-Com movies

10 Best Rom-Com Movies 

As it’s coming up to exam season for many people, it’s important we don’t go too crazy, and remember to have some time to ourselves to relax. Personally, I like nothing better, than to curl up in bed and put on a good old rom-com, with some sweets and chocolate.
Here are a few of my all time favourite films to watch when life gets just a little too heavy!

1) Safe Haven –  I think I must have watched this 100 times! Best. Film. Ever.  
2) Friends with Benefits – Does having a friend with benefits really work? I’m not sure. An easygoing, funny film, with a good bit of eye candy (Justin Timberlake)
3) The Spectacular Now – I don’t know many people who have seen this film, but Shailene Woodley (the girl from ‘The Fault in our Stars) is amazing in it. 
4) Just go with it –  This film is guaranteed to make you chuckle.
5) Dear John – The plot follows a couple fighting to keep their relationship alive, whilst John is away fighting in war. A touching film, (get the tissues ready), but is very romantic!
6) The Holiday – Two lonely women swap their dramatically different lifestyles in order to escape their love life. A great film for the Christmas holidays, but in all honesty, I could watch it all year round!
7) This is 40 – Very funny film following the lives of a couple reaching the dreaded 40.

8) What to expect when you’re expecting – This film follows several different women’s stories through pregnancy. Again this film is quite funny, and I love babies, so I think it’s adorable!
9) 13 going on 30 – A 13 year old girl makes a wish on her birthday to become 30, and low and behold, she wakes up as a 30 year old women living in NYC. This has always been a classic since I was a teenager.
10) Bridget Jones Diary – If you’re going through a break up, this may help, it tells the story of Bridget’s unfortunate love life.

Let me know if there are any rom-com's you love to watch time and time again?

Izzy x 


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