Monday, 22 June 2015

Smashbox Contour sticks- Are they worth the money?

 Smashbox Contour Stick Trio - 
 Are they worth the money? 

I previously used Seventeen's contouring kit, which was okay and very cheap, but it didn't give me that 'Kardashian' look I must admit I was after. I saw an
advert on the internet for this contouring kit, and it looked great on the model, so I thought I must at least give it a go! Inside the box comes three crayons; Contour, Bronze and a Highlighter. I thought it might be easier if I reviewed it under the headings positives and negatives to make a valid conclusion.


  • The contour and bronze crayons's are perfect! They really do add depth and define the face shape, as they should do. They are a really soft mousey texture which blend amazingly well into your foundation.
  • Inside the box comes not only the three crayons packaged so gorgeously, but also a free sharper  which is pretty good, and a small manual full of diagrams on how to contour each individual face shape. This is really useful and makes it slightly easier should you be new to the contouring world.


  •  I must admit it was pretty pricey at £33, but I would say if you have enough money it is worth every penny.
  • I am not a big fan of the highlighter, it does add light to that area, which I guess its suppose to do, I just feel I have better highlighters such as the Benefit 'watt's up!', which I will continue to use instead, especially on nights out
  • This contouring kit only comes in one shade, which they claim to be the universal colour to fit everyone. However, I can imagine it would look a bit orange on pale skin, and maybe wouldn't show up much on darker skin. Nevertheless, the colour works well on me and I am a medium tone.

Overall, I would say I really love this contouring kit. It is the best I've used, and it does everything it should to perfectly define and sculpt the face. It's the best smash box product i've tried and wouldn't want to go back to my seventeen contouring kit now! 

Below show photos of me wearing the smash box contour stick trio.

Have you tried this kit, or do you prefer another contouring set? Please let me know :)

Izzy x


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