Friday, 24 July 2015

*July Favourites*

 July Favourites 

Hello! So July has been a great month, I have been busy working (and having a great time) at Springboard, which is a Pre School for children aged 0-5 with Special Needs. I have also been enjoying the fleeting English sun and enjoying the time I have with my boyfriend whilst he visited me in Somerset. In-between this time, I have come up with a few of my July Favourites which I hope you enjoy reading!

Pretty Little Liars
As it is my summer holiday, I have found myself searching for things to do (or watch) to fill my time. Pretty Little Liars (PLL) is a Netflix series following the story of a group of American schoolgirls who are in search for answers behind the mysterious death of their best friend.  It is a drama filled with twists and turns, which have lead me to watching 3 series within one month. There are 6 seasons in total, so maybe by the time my summer holiday finishes I will have finished!

New Lipstick
I have been in search of a new lipstick for summer. Kate Moss for Rimmel London recently released a collection of nudes. I bought no.43 which suits all skin tones according to them. This colour really is gorgeous and one of my new favourite colours to wear. It looks great for casual/natural makeup as its not very bright.

Homemade Milkshakes
My dad bought the NutriBullet the other day. Of course he bought this with the intentions of the family using it to make healthy fruity smoothies. But No… Of course I had to make the unhealthiest drink possible, but it was AMAZING.

            2 scoops of vanilla ice-cream
            1 medium sized glass of semi-skinned milk
            1 Cadbury Flake
            1 Cadbury chocolate freddo
            1 pretty straw for decoration

Yankee Candles
I have wanted a Yankee Candle for so long and was lucky enough to receive one as a present for my birthday. However, I have only just got round to lighting it, and it lived up to my expectation. The smell was so gorgeous that I went and bought another one today. I bought the honey blossom scent this time for the bargain price of £1.50 and also bought a glass candleholder for an extra £1 from the Yankee Candle shop.

What have you enjoyed this July? I'd Love to hear your thoughts? 

Izzy x

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