Thursday, 2 July 2015



Duck and Waffle - A must visit!

Last weekend I went to London to visit my boyfriend, we decided on the Monday to visit a restaurant called the 'Duck and Waffle' for some afternoon lunch. 

This was an amazing experience. 

It is located in the centre of London, on the 40th floor of a skyscraper. So you can imagine the magnificent views from this restaurant. 

When we arrived we were asked to step into a glass lift, within 30 seconds we had reached the 40th floor! It was both terrifying and exciting watching the people of London shrink before my eyes (I must admit the way up was a lot nicer than the way down, with a tummy full!). 

We were given a brilliant seat on the window side, from my seat I could see the olympic stadium, and Canary wharf to name a few places, and Ben had views of the famous Gherkin and Tower bridge. We eat for main a crab dish and a charcoal aubergine, and for desert (which is always my favourite) I had a dark chocolate and pistachio macaroon, and Ben had a peanut chocolate brownie. 

If you are looking for a restaurant or place to go just for drinks, I would absolutely recommend the Duck and Waffle. The views were outstanding, and the experience is one I shall keep forever. Although the food and drinks were pretty pricey, it was totally worth it, and I would definitely go again, maybe just for drinks next time. 

Click here to view the Duck and Waffle website.

It's worrying me the more I fall in love with London. Where's that country girl gone?

Until Next time, 

Izzy x 

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