Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Hairstyles perfect for Summer 2015

 Hairstyles perfect for Summer 2015 

Here are just a few hairstyles I am loving this summer 2015. I rarely make an effort with my hair as I am lucky enough to have thick and wavy hair, that looks nice without me doing anything. This put me in a bad routine of not making a touch of effort and becoming very lazy. I have tried to make an effort this summer by learning new hairstyles, these are a few of my favourite.

1) The French braid 

This year braiding is the hairstyle to have. A classic french braid is such a stunning hair-do which always looks great, especially on holidays. If you do it tight enough, it can stay in for days which is perfect for summer holidays, as you won't have to deal with the messy beach hair! It is also great for hot weather, as it keeps your hair off your face and out the way.

2) Fringe braid 

This is an easy way to keep hair out of your face, whilst looking pretty and staying stylish. You can have it with hair up or down. In this picture I just added some curls to my hair and left it down. I think this is such a pretty style, and fairly easy to do.

3) Wrap around pony

This hair style is very elegant. However, I find it can be tricky to keep the hair wrapped around. Through experience I have found that using hairspray solves it falling down though. I have used bobby pins under the pony to just keep it in place, and then added some curls to the pony using my curling tongs.

Have you got any favourite summer hairstyles? I'd love to hear, just comment below :) 

Izzy x 


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