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Hello Everyone, 

Kalkan was one of the most idyllic holidays i've ever been on; I could have happily stayed there for another few weeks! I went with my boyfriend and two of our friends, staying in the Korsan Apartments (which are fantastic for families and friends alike - I would highly recommend!). We were very lucky to be given the rooftop terrace apartment, which meant we had the most beautiful view looking over the village of Kalkan, the surroudning mountains and the gorgeous blue sea. Every evening we would go out onto this terrace and have some drinks whilst the sun went down, before going down into the town for a fabulous dinner. 

The village of Kalkan is small but has everything you'd want: shops, restaurants, cocktail bars, a beach, excursion organisations, and much more. We decided to book 2 excursions during our 2 weeks stay: horse riding at Patara Beach and a boat trip. 

The horse riding did not go well!! The horses were not trained, the leaders were rude and disorganised, and my friend was kicked off a horse (to top it all off). However, the views were pretty incredible, as when we arrived at the most beautiful sandy beach the sun began to set, making it very picturesque. 

The boat excursion was amazing - the best day of the holiday even! We got up nice and early to get to the harbour and find our boat. Once we set off to sea, the suncream was on and some hardcore tanning proceeded. There were 2 decks to our boat, the first deck having tables and chairs, and the top deck being an open roofed area for sunbathing. We were given a lovely turkish meze lunch, and also afternoon tea at 3pm which included a selection of fruit and cakes. The boat stopped every hour or so for snorkelling or just a dip in the sea to refresh yourself. We also stopped at a mud beach, where we covered each other and mud to exfoliate the skin (It was amazing!). 

When we weren't doing any exciting excursions, we spent our days chilling by the poolside with lots of top ups of the most amazing homemade mint lemonade. We also visited the local beaches and went to many many many shops selling fake clothes...I'm not ashamed to admit I came home with two (genuinely fake) mulberry bags haha.  I thought that the price of everything in Turkey was incredible, a lovely 3 course meal was not far away from McDonalds prices back home! 

Leading up to the holiday my anxieties about flying and travelling to Turkey were only increasing. I was very worried about the recent incidents with ISIS, and even questioned whether to go or not. I had never been to Turkey or even outside of Europe, I can now say I am so happy I visited the country, I will definitely be visiting again one day.  

Have you been to Turkey? Or maybe you're visiting and would like to ask any questions? would love to hear from you!

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