Thursday, 29 October 2015

The Best Toffee Apples

Hi Everyone,

Today I made some yummy toffee apples perfect for Halloween and Bonfire night! They are so tasty and easy to make!
Heres the recipe I followed...

Ingredients: Wooden skewers, apples, 350g soft brown sugar, tsp vinegar, 35 g unsalted butter, tbsp golden syrup, 120ml water (I halved everything as i only wanted to make 4)

1) Wash the apples, and put wooden skewers into the stalk end of the apple.
2) Put sugar and water into a pan and heat gently always stirring, until the sugar has disolved. 
3) Bring the sugar mixture to the boil and add the vinegar, butter & golden syrup. 
4) Keep this mixture boiling gently for 12 minutes, (it will bubble lots and turn dark brown).
5) Dip the apple into the pan (turning the apple) so the caramel is evenly coated, then immediately decorate.

What is everyone doing for halloween? Let me know!




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