Thursday, 24 December 2015

Christmas Walks

Hello everyone, 
A Very Happy Christmas EVE to everyone firstly! 

Today is always a day filled with baking and preparation for tomorrow, so very exciting. 
Yesterday, my boyfriend visited for a day and a half. It went by far too quickly, but we managed to some how fit so much into the short time we had together. 

We exchanged presents, and as he spent the last few weeks in NYC, I was very lucky to get some exclusive presents!! The most exciting present I received other than his presence (cringe) is the Benefit 12 days of christmas calendar box. Its amazing!!!! When you open it is sings a festive fun version of a christmas classic song. There are 12 days of christmas obviously, so after christmas I will still be opening little surprise presents, which is such a lovely idea! I will be sure to write a blog post in the future about all the bits I got. I also got a I love NY top for bed, and some sweeties! 


We didn't have long together, so had to make the most of the day, so we got up nice and early and caught the bus into bristol centre (as my car has died, wah). We walked around a place called Clifton Village, which is beautiful, and filled with lots of little christmas shops, the atmosphere was lovely. Clifton is next to the famous suspension bridge, which was looking lush as it was unbelievably a beautiful day, so we took advantage of this photograph-wise. We had some lunch in Zizzi, which was as tasty as ever. We then walked to cabot tower, which is up on the top of a hill, looking over Bristol. The views were spectacular, and it felt so festive and cute. We took lots of terrible selfies, and then headed back home. It was a lovely day, shame it went by so quickly. 


I wish everyone a very merry Christmas tomorrow, I hope you all have a wonderful day and eat lots of quality street and mince pies! 

Lots of Love, 



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