Friday, 11 December 2015

My Goals for 2016

1- Carry on blogging regularly
I feel my blog has come so far, as I haven't even had it a year yet. I love blogging, and most importantly I want to make sure I carry on blogging because I enjoy it, rather than seeing it as something I have to do.

2- Achieve a 2.1 or 1st overall for university
Last year I achieved a 2.1 overall, so I am hoping I can keep up the good work, and leave university with an overall 2.1. I highly doubt I will get a 1st, but neither the less I will try my hardest!

3- Not to let fears take over my dreams
It's easy to let your faults define you, but I won't let that get in the way of applying for my dream jobs. I am quite a shy person sometimes, so some applications for jobs seem very nerve wracking, I will confront my fears this year, and not let any type of application affect whether I decide to apply or not!

4- Move to a new city after university
After University I don't want to move back home, purely because I like my own independence. Also I'm far too conformable at home, and probably would never end up moving out! I hope to get a job in London, that would be ideal. I can't see myself living in London for long, but it would be a great experience.

5-Travel to a new city or country
This year I traveled to 2 new places, Paris and Turkey. Paris was an absolute dream, and Turkey was so much nicer than I had anticipated. I hope this year brings lots of new adventures as I absolutely love to travel to new places or cities. I'd love to go to Barcelona, Rome, Florence, croatia, and many many more places!

6-Get more active
This year I did loose a lot of weight, but not because of exercise but due to a healthier diet and less snacks. I have a membership at the gym, so this year I WILL use it and make the most of the money I spent, plus getting active is so good for your body and wellbeing.

So theres all my goals for the year of 2016. Have you set any goals for this coming year? Let me know in the comments below.

Lots of Love,


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