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10 Tips for Managing Work Load

Now I am in my third and final year at university, the work load is unreal. I have mountains of work that needs doing, so what do i do.. sit here and write a blog post (queen of procrastination). To be fair to myself, I have spent most of the day writing essays, so I have earned myself a break. I think I am now pretty experienced in how to manage my work load and not stress to much, as at the end of the day I have always got it done in time and got reasonably ok to good results.  
So here are my 10 best tips for managing work load at university (or college for the US). 

1) Organisation
This is probably most important in my eyes. I'd say I am quite organised, I have a list above my bed of all the hand in dates in order of due date, so I always know what work needs to be done throughout the year. 

2) Time management 
You only have so many hours in a day, so use them well. Look up what work needs to be done, so you spend your time effectively. You could use a day to day timetable that fits around your life, however, I don't find this hugely helpful, as I like to have control of my life and choose when I want to work. 

4) Prioritise 
This is so important when you are at university. I think the people who don't do very well at university usually have their priorities wrong, whether thats opening too much time at the gym, or spending too much time drunk. University is all about balancing the things you love. 

5) Work together
Don't struggle alone. Ask your friends if they want to go to the library together to work. It makes working so much less dull, and you can work together through those tough assignments. 

7) Email your lecturers 
Whenever I am unsure of what to do, or am doubting myself, I just email my tutor. I am not sure whether I have been lucky having such a lovely tutors, maybe its because I am doing a degree is Early childhood and they are all very maternal ladies. I dunno. But make the most out of having lecturers, we are paying enough!

7) Be realistic 
Don't set yourself stupid goals, if you know you can't achieve it, don't set it. I think that would just lead to feelings of dissatisfaction over how much you work you have achieved. 

8) Avoid distractions
I am really bad at this one. I always end up on Facebook or watching EastEnders when I am suppose to be working! I guess it's just having self control. When I am hugely procrastinating I just think about graduation day and how I would feel if it want the grade I am aiming for. 

9) Sleep well 
I don't know if this is just me or not, but I need sooo much sleep. After having Glandular Fever and ME I feel exhausted at the end of the day, even if I haven't done anything. Obviously being at university, there are plenty of sleepless nights, partying etc. I do always give myself a long lie-in and have an early night the day after though. Lets face it, beauty sleep is a thing.

10) Have a break
We all need a break! Don't work yourself into a frenzy. I know for some degrees there is more extra reading than others, but we all need a break and time to look after ourselves. Whether thats going to the cinema with friends, or having a long bath and relaxation. 

I would recommend buying 'The Study Skills Handbook' by Stella Cottrell. When I began university they advised we buy it, and it is brilliant for presentation skills, time management, thinking critically etc. 

How do you manage your work load?

Lots of Love, 


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  1. Love the tips Lizzy! Time management is a big one for me.


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